Mission Statement

The mission of the Board is to assure geological practices in Nebraska are carried out by qualified individuals to ensure the safeguarding of life, heath, and property of the citizens of Nebraska. The mission is carried out by:

  • Assuring that those who serve the public through the practice of geology have the education and experience needed to be competent in the field;
  • Enforcing the Geologists Regulation Act through education and compliance oversight; and
  • Providing quality and responsive regulatory services

Rule-Making Hearing Held

The Board of Geologists held a public hearing and adopted the proposed revisions to the Board's Rules and Regulations (Title 171, NAC Chapters 1 and 3) on April 2, 2015. Revisions were proposed to lower certain fees, implement changes made to the Public Records Act, and correct language relate to ยง81-3529.

The proposed changes have been submitted to the Attorney General's office for review and approval. Once approved, they will be forwarded to the Governor for approval. If he approves the revisions, they will be filed with the Secretary of State and go into effect five days after the filing.

The Board anticipates the approval process will be completed in the next couple of months and be in effect by the end of June 2015.

Legislative copy

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